Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hearts and the Abbey

So much flannel just waiting for a project. I had made Naia some warm reversible flannel pants and had lots of smaller pieces left over. The prints (most of it from Anna Maria Horner) were so lovely I wanted to use every last bit. So one night I sat down and started my addiction to Downton Abbey with Season 1 via Netflix and started cutting hearts.

I was winging it really, just trying to free form a heart shape here and there to use every bit of scrap I could with as little waste as possible. Well, as many of you know, Downton Abbey is REALLY good... so I cut a whole lot of hearts.

Season 2 of Downton via Amazon had me sewing the little lovlies. With the laptop perched precariously across the sewing machine lid I sewed my way through World War I and all the ensuing drama. Oh Matthew and Mary, will you please just give in to it? And that flu? Simpy dreadful. Sigh. Sew. Sigh.

And here I was with empty little hearts and Season 3 had not yet launched. Oh no. This can't be. I can not wait around with the commoners for it to trickle online one episode at a time. Oh husband! Do your magic computer thing and fetch me Season 3 please. Filling my hearts with rice and lavender while weeping my way through Season 3. One heart ache after another.

Now I won't give away any spoilers, but... sigh. It's a good thing I had all of these extra soft hearts around to comfort me. We gifted these to friends in pairs as hand warmers for these frigid days. So to review, just cut the flannel, sew right sides together leaving about a 1 inch gap to turn and fill, fill with rice and lavender, and then turn in the raw edges and sew closed.

Pop them in the microwave for 60 seconds (careful not to over heat, the rice can burn) and then pop them in your pockets to keep your hands toastie. Or in your socks. Or wherever you need a little soft warm touch.

And then wait patiently for Downton Abbey Season 4 which I hear they haven't even shot yet. I guess I will have to re-watch the first three seasons and find something else to sew in the wee hours. Oh winter.

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Amanda said...

Gabrielle uses her lavender heart from you to fall asleep every night. She gives it a sniff and off she drifts. They are perfect. Thank you!

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