Sunday, September 22, 2013

fruity kids

The boy who claimed just a couple of years ago to HATE apple pie is coming around. A little. He'll eat it now, but with plenty of ice cream on top. It's a good thing too because now with Naia big enough to tag along and pick too, these guys racked up A LOT of apples.

We made an outing on a perfect September day to the local you pick farm and did just that with some boat friends. The weather was perfect and nobody whined or complained or peed in their pants or got hurt. As a parent I consider that a major success.

And it was wonderful to have a tribe of worker bees helping process the apples to make into apple sauce and apple pie...

... and apple art.

(apple play dough, which is just home made red play dough with apple pie spice and a stem and leaf stuck in the top.)

Our favorite apple books this time of year are Apple by Nikki McClure, How To Make An Apple Pie And See The World by Marjorie Priceman, and we love the poem for September in Elsa Beskow's book Around The Year.

Oh, and then they picked some peaches...

And as if that were not enough... Naia then sat herself down in the blackberry bushes and ate, and ate, and ate. Did you know if a toddler eats a certain amount of blackberries their poop... oh never mind.

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