Friday, April 24, 2015


This week a little girl shaped hole formed in my heart. My friend Cidnie's daughter Kitty drowned in the blink of an eye in a tragic accident. I have held this beautiful child in my arms, I have looked into her sparkling eyes, and her mama and I share how our babies are so alike (and so much more) as often as we can. I literally have no words. I barely have breath.

Please read my friend Behan's post, for she beautifully explains what's going on in a way I could never hope to mirror.

And my friend Laureen perfectly states how I feel, how we all feel, if you are so inclined to make any negative statements in my space about this tragedy.

And Anne beautifully describes trying to make sense of it.

And Brittany bares the grief we all feel so raw and close to the surface.

I am grateful my boat mama tribe is strong enough to create words and thoughts. All I can manage right now are expletives and sobs.

Cidnie, baby Naia, and baby Kitty.

Please help them get through this difficult time by donating here.

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