Monday, April 11, 2016

colors and more colors

Easter is one of those holidays I am never really sure about. It's not something I grew up celebrating, so I always feel a little lost about the non-Christian, Americana way to approach it. Naia said she wanted to hunt for eggs, so I made that happen. We hid some along the Tidal Basin while checking out the cherry blossoms ( And then we hid some on the boat too.

(See the toothless smile? I wish I could freeze that little toothless grin forever and ever. She lost her first tooth in Hawaii, and the second one came out while Zach and I were in New York City.)

Zach mostly decided he'd outgrown hunting for anything. But he was still willing to steal his sister's candy when she wasn't looking.

One quirky tradition we've adopted is having a "color war", in the spirit of the Indian Holi festival. It's much more fun to color each other than color eggs. And it's not something the big kids feel they are "too cool" for yet.

You can buy Indian Holi powder through Amazon.

My dear friend Kathryn reading the story behind the Holi festival to her girls and Naia.

Believe it or not, the powder pretty much washes right out. So wearing white makes it all the more fun.

Daddy was just watching from the sidelines, but the kids clobbered him. Of course!

Our dear friend and boat neighbor kid Maddy, who isn't really a kid anymore because she's 18 now. How did that happen? Naia is going to be heart broken when she realizes that Maddy will be leaving for college soon.

Happy boat kids covered in colors.

Mother nature joined the act too.

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