Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Chicago (April 2008)

We had a nice visit with Grandpa & Granny over at Uncle Aaron, Aunt Linda, and cousin Ben's place. We stayed at Tio & Tia's and had all sort of fun with them & cousin Katie and of couse Daisy Dog! It was only a few days, so that was difficult, but we'll be back in November!

Zach was SO looking forward to seeing a "real live" T-Rex!
So we made a trip to the Field Museum with cousin Ben and Grandpa & Granny.

Getting to finally see Sue the T-Rex up close and personal was very exciting for

... but there are few things in a 3.5 year old's world that compare to the thrill of
seeing a REAL mummy!

... and playing the drums!

Swinging at the park with Grandpa and cousin Ben.

Playing superheros with cousin Ben and Granny.

He is STILL talking about this park. "The one with the real pirate ship in it!"
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