Wednesday, July 09, 2008


We had Zach's birthday party the weekend before his actual birthday. We did a "messy party" with small inflatable pools filled respectively with mud, green slime, and whipped cream. Then we had a slip-n-slide with paint and water on it and a small pool of just plain old water. I didn't take any photos except for cake time because a storm was on the horizon and things got nutty with the kids. One little boy was sitting quietly in the grass, happily licking whipped cream from his toes like an ice cream cone. For party favors, we gave little bags of fun soaps, bubble bath, and magic wash cloths.

Zach wanted a Hercules-Hydra-Pegasus-Zeus cake. I bought a regular ice cream cake and plopped these bad boys on top. He was thrilled!

On June 18 we celebrated at home with just family. Zach was excited to light his birthday ring. Each year we will remove one "toy" and add another candle. When we light it we tell him the story of his life to this point, which he loved hearing. We're trying to wrap things in pretty, cloth baggies that can be reused year after year, and holiday after holiday for the whole family rather than creating garbage and buying paper that gets used for 5 whole minutes. We had a big, chocolate cake and some of his favorite foods.

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