Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Sleepover (July 5, 2008)

Zach's best friend Thomasa has been pestering her mama for a while now about spending the night at our place. Actually the real talk was about moving in with us, but sleeping over was a first logical leap. She is only 3.5 and very attached to her mom, she's co-slept since birth. So we didn't think she was serious. Her mom finally asked if she could call her bluff and let her spend the night. I agreed, and we set up a phone schedule, both of us figuring she'd want to come home sometime around midnight. Well Miss Thing didn't miss a beat. She not only didn't want to call mom, she kept saying to me wistfully all evening, "Auntie B, I love living with you now."
Of course the fact that she has a relatively new baby brother in her life explains an awful lot ;)
The kids had a ball. We started out the evening after dinner with a sunset dinghy ride, then a bath, some playing and stories, and they collapsed! Doug got kicked out to the guest cabin and I got to cuddle with the two kids. While it was lovely having T over, who I truly love like family, I realized how much I relish the quiet of an only child (even one who talks as much as Z) when she did finally go home.

We spied a deer and a heron very close to shore. Evening dinghy rides are always the best for nature spotting.

best friends

... watching the sun set from the dinghy...

... hiding in the laundry cubby...

...after a bath, then FINALLY asleep.

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