Saturday, January 17, 2009


Three is the magic number.

3 degrees (F) was how cold is got last night. Our average for this time of year at night is actually about 33F. But last night we were at 3F with negative something or other if you include the howling west wind.

3cm is also the approximate amount of fiberglass between our family and everything we own and the icy chunks of the Chesapeake that are rubbing against our hull.

3 is the usual number of space heaters it takes to keep this floating tub-o-fiberglass warm in winter time. Yesterday we had to run an extra extension cord across the dock and make it four.

3 is also the number of people in our little family crew. And thank goodness we have a family bed rather than the dysfunctional American tradition of exiling children to their own cages, uh, I mean rooms. The three of us have always happily slept snugly side by side in one berth. We all manage to find our space and on nights like last night, we usually end up partially on top of each other just to stay warm. Body heat is KEY! And we actually stayed so warm I peeled off my polar fleece socks and sweatshirt in the middle of the night.

(The early days. Zach at 8 days old. The bed seemed bigger back then.)

3 is the number of months of real winter we have to tolerate around these parts. I am trying not to really count, but I think we're half way there.

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FaerieMama said...

I'm with ya. I'm in a house, but I might as well be in a boat! My house isn't insulated and we are running heaters and wearing a million layers to keep warm! We have a family bed too, which I dONT understand why EVERYone doesn't have one! For us its: me, my daughter, our 6 yr old dog, our 12 year old cat, our 2 yr old puppy and our brand new kitten. We all fit neatly in a plain old double sized bed!
Stay warm & keep blogging -- I love your blog!

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