Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lava Love

Ever since seeing the REAL THING in Hawaii... Zach has been a little volcano crazy. We finally got a kit to build our own volcano, paint it, and then spend endless cold, grey afternoons (and endless amounts of vinegar and baking soda) oozing our very own lava flow.

Appeasing Pele we even coaxed the sun out for a brief, brilliant moment!

The volcano is now living in the cockpit, since it's a little big to have hanging around inside the boat. It snowed today and Zach loved having a snow peaked volcano. I think tomorrow we're going to be oozing more lava outside in the snow.

Is it spring yet?

1 comment:

Christine said...

Hi BabyBoat. I am so happy you left me some comments, which led me to explore your blog. While we have enjoyed weekend with friends who own boats, I could not imagine living on one. That's so cool that your family does, I can only imagine your view of the sunsets. I can not wait to explore your blog some more!! My daughter is fascinated with volcanoes too and I have been meaning to make a volcano with her (outside, of course.) After seeing this entry, I think that is what we'll be up to tomorrow.

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