Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Storm

Well since we're literally covered in ice anyhow and we're trapped inside listening to the ice bombs fall from the rigging on to the foredeck...

Here is a cool little project that Zach got completely absorbed in...

Take a plastic bowl. Fill with water. Freeze. Pop out ice into a cookie tray or something to contain the upcoming mess. Give the kid a bowl of salt, various shades of food coloring, and bowl of hot water.

Watch them experiment!

He loved seeing what the individual grains of salt did to the surface of the ice (chunky salt works best).

He loved mixing the colors. And of course in the end he poured a bunch of salt in the middle to make an "Ice Volcano". (big surprise I know)

This was taken straight from the Oak Meadow homeschool craft book. Would be fun on a hot day too!

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