Monday, October 05, 2009

From Creepy To Cozy

The bad news? Our trip to the beach was cut short by some short notice work obligations. My Friday was spent on location with an assignment that can only be described as...

I have done many wild and wonderful things in the name of tv production, but sitting in the Carolina woods in the pitch dark meowing with a strange man wielding a long pole trying to get people to scream is a whole new dimension for me. It's a project for The Travel Channel which I will update more about soon.

The good news... thankfully this strange night on the job was followed by the cozy, welcoming warmth of Joy from You Know How We're An Art Family.

A stark contrast to the night before, she hosted a lovely and equally delicious and wholesome meal. How sweet of Joy to not only welcome our family over to her home in the midst of a busy and chaotic time, but she also fed my in-laws and put up with my wild boy and his lack of table manners.

One of the joys of knowing Joy is learning about all the cool things to see and do in and around the in-laws home territory we never knew about. She lured us over Rising Meadow Farm for Farm Fest on our drive back home. Wool, sheep, more wool, homespun music, some wool, grasshoppers to chase, wool, locally made soap, and did I mention they had wool there?

(Upon seeing this loom in action Zach begged for "a smaller one that could fit somewhere on the boat.)

(Although it's difficult to tell from the photo, this woman is spinning the fur right from the rabbit. Yes a real, alive and very patient angora rabbit.) 

Alas as little Finn and Joy marveled at the angora spinner my little monkey had another plan. There's nothing like a little tree climbing to wear out a boy before a 6 hour drive.

It's good to be home! Beach photos on the way...


Joy said...

I never even noticed that you took pictures of the meal! Thanks again for hanging out with us. Sorry we had to leave the farm in a rush. Naptimes for 2 year olds are not to be missed! I can't wait to see your travel tv special. Keep us posted. :)

Christine said...

oh, this looks like so much fun. and that wool. WOW

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