Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bad News, Good News

The bad news, our freezer decided to break. Good news... the marine fridge and freezer repair guy lives a few slips down from us.

Bad news... we lost a heap of food to this little mechanical malfunction. Good news... we didn't lose our sense of fun, and despite the boat being in total shambles while we worked on the problem we managed to make play of work.

And the best news of all... the problem is fixed and aside from parts, we were able to pay for the job in home baked chocolate chip cookies.

(this little hole the boys are standing in is where the freezer goes when it's working. Yes, that's a big freezer for a boat!)

p.s. Bad news - somebody has been spamming my comments and I am going to have to set up a way to block it. 
Good news... new post over at EtsyDotMom! Check it out and tell me what you think!


Joy said...

Sorry to hear about your freezer! The circuit blew on our garage freezer once, and we lost lots of hand-picked, hand-prepared for fall/winter goods. I was devastated so I know the feeling! I'm glad you were able to fix things with choc chip cookies, and you didn't lose your sense of humor. :) Good luck blocking the spammers.

Behan said...

Looking at *full grown man* basically buried in the freezer box and marveling at the size! dang! oh, I probably have "freezer envy". We gave ours up a couple of months ago, in the heat here we couldn't keep up with the power and so it was more of an "almost freezer". Not really good.

Yay for keeping a sense of humor... I know it would not have been easy for me!

Michele said...

Sorry about the fridge and sorry about the spamming. Apparently you are too popular for your own good. What are they spamming you with??

Simple Mama said...

We've had our freezer die on us once. It was packed full and we lost just about everything. It made me want to cry. :( Sorry to hear about this and the spamming. But I'm glad you were able to keep the day fun! That's the sign of an excellent mama!

Stuff On My Blog said...

Sorry to hear of your freezers demise, and of your comment spammer! How rude, on both counts!

Seven C's said...

Sorry to hear about the freezer dying. What a frustrating disappointment! Glad it was all fixed ok.
As for the spamming, I use Akismet as spam protection on our blog at www.seven-cs.net. I haven't had any span at all since I started using that. You might check to see if it is available for blogger.com.

boatbaby said...

Behan - I know isn't it obscene? We had no freezer on our former boat so it's still a crazy luxury and a huge burden at the same time. We agreed that if it died while cruising we'd just make it a big ice chest or storage bin. We know how to live without just fine. I just hated that I didn't notice until the food was spoiled!

boatbaby said...

Michele - viagra.


and a bunch of who knows what in Russian with links to ebay??!!

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