Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Dude Moment

We were walking in town and suddenly I got that mama feeling that my boy was no longer skipping a few steps behind me. I turn to see that he didn't stop to build a fairy house or cradle a ladybug or collect another amazing-fabulous-perfect-it-has-to-come-home-to-the-boat-rock. No, he was drooling over a tricked out ride.

 For the boy who loves to kayak and loves to fish, this is IT. 13 feet 5 inches of fish stalking, water gliding, gadget holding nirvana.

"Mom LOOK! It as a GPS hoisted right on it. And LOOK! You can peddle it so that your hands are open to hold a fishing pole. And LOOK! There's a dry place to keep snacks." I looked this baby up on the web and I believe it's Hobie Mirage Revolution. It can hold multiple rods, lights, down riggers, a live well and cooler to store your bait, a pop up bimini sun shade, and even a swing out cutting board to gut and fillet your catch.

Cue the music -- OH YEAH.

Now the mama version of the Ultimate Kayak Ride for me would involve something more like speakers and iPod plug-in, a dry locker for dark chocolate, a wine bottle shaped cooler, a wine glass holder, a dry place for a wildlife field guide, and a mount for my future camera.

What's on YOUR kayak?

p.s. speaking of camera, there may be fewer photos around here for a while. My very old, point-and-click camera (my only camera) lost two screws (literally!) and is officially being held together by tape. *sigh* And today it started making sounds usually reserved for motorized vehicles. Hoping it holds together and dreaming of a digital SLR. One day.


Stuff On My Blog said...

Hehehe those are some seriously wicked kyaks! Loving your wine & choccie themed unit there ;)

I hear ya on the digital slr, MIL has one *drool* it is teh awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

That is one pimped out kayak!! I just got a great refurbished digital camera on eBay.

Joy said...

That's really funny. For Finn, it would be a motorcycle or a big truck. I love that Z drools over dolled up kayaks. :)

Little Lovables said...

how fun that he is so educated and excited about it!

Simple Mama said...

Love the tricked out ride. :) Sending positive digital SLR vibes your direction. We have a Nikon D80 and I LOVE it!

boatbaby said...

Simplemama - Nikon d-80... DROOOOOOOL!

Thanks for the tip lifeonplanetearth.

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