Sunday, July 11, 2010

in the news

We were packing to leave town and the alarm was sounded.

"MOMMY! Mrs. Quackers is hatching her babies!!!" (for the background, look here)
The sun was setting, the temperatures were (finally!) cooling, and she puffed her body up in a protective manner and little heads started peeking out.
"Mrs. Quackers looks so proud," my boy declared. Indeed she did. We didn't catch more than a glimpse as we left town the next morning to go see the in-laws, and I gently explained that when we got back she would have likely left the nest with her babes. Thankfully, without any drama or tears, he understood. On the way out early that morning he whispered to her, "Feel welcome to come back next year and have your babies at our dock again." Hopefully we'll get a glimpse of her swimming around our marina sometime this week with the ducklings.
In other news... not long after arriving at the inlaws, I grabbed my things and ran away for the evening without the boys to go have coffee and desert with my pal Joy. We chatted the night away and probably could have gone on longer if the cafe didn't kick us out so they could close. It's so nice when bloggy aquaintences become real life friends you can have a night out with.
And finally--- in case the "moment" from a week ago was too subtle a reference... yes, it seems official that the wee baby growing inside me is indeed a girl. It doesn't change much around here except needing to narrow down names (there are SO many pretty girl names!) and needing to make sure the little lass has something to wear when she arrives. Perhaps another round wrestling the sewing the machine is in order sometime soon?


momma rae said...

hee-hee. i totally had to scroll down to remember the moment, and yes the gender reference was lost on me. silly me! one of each. hooray!! i love having a boy and a girl as they truly are so different. living life the way that we do, there is much that is the same for them both, but they inherently are very different. congrats!!

Joy said...

Aww...Mrs. Quackers must indeed be so proud! Look at those cute little things! Thanks again for the MNO. I had a wonderful time. I can't wait to meet your little girl. Girls are the sweetest. :)

Joy said...
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lily boot said...

*sigh* how utterly lovely! It is truly enchanting to think of you all on a boat, with tomato plants growing and wee ducklings hatching. So very fertile! Not to mention the wee girlie growing on the inside! I'm so pleased it's a girl - not that I have any right to be :-) - but it's lovely nonetheless - all those lovely names and dear sweet clothes! And an ally.

eringoodman said...

LOVE this post!!! and oh my! what's left of your dessert looks awfully scrumptious!



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