Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thank you King Neptune

It's addicting really. This need to walk along long stretches of beach and pluck the ocean's treasures from the sand. Our eyes scanning carefully, our pockets bursting, our hearts hoping for that perfect shell.
But why? My husband often looks at our bags full of shells and says, "What on earth are you going to do with all of those shells?"
A legitimate question. Zach loves to gift them to his friends. Carefully picked out for someone or other and wrapped up. A handful of them always end up on our summer nature table. The ones with little holes eventually become our Christmas tree decor or jewelry made by little hands.
But what about all of these...?
(And this doesn't even include the sea glass collection. Or the ones from Hawaii... or...)

Oh dear. Yes, what about these. First order of business was to clean them. After sitting in a bag in the cockpit locker for who knows how long, they STUNK! A little fresh water and dish soap soak.
And now... now what? Well, we're working on it. Glue gun at the ready, little minds with big ideas, something shelly is emerging. We'll keep you posted.
What do you do with your shell collections?


Martha said...

Oh....It's got to be good if hot glue is involved!!!

TulsiLeaf said...

I live right on the beach. We need to go there more often to get shells and make things.

Hot Glue is magic@!

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

I found you on Soule Mama's blog and find your lifestyle so interesting. Very neat that you live on your sail boat. :)

My husband and I went over to the beach this past weekend and wondered how it would be like to own and live on a boat. So now I get to see how it's like from visiting your blog. Pretty neat.

Love the shells! So pretty! :)


Behan said...

We might be described as having a "shell problem"! I'm looking for ideas!

I've seen gorgeous strands of holiday lights, glowing softly through shells ... I think that might involve more than just hot glue, though. Sounds like an epoxy job.

mare said...

i love your shell bag, zach! was that an etsy find? we have lots and lots of shells. finny isnt so big into taking them home yet (22 months) - the problem is all with this mama taking them. we decorate the garden with them, mail them off to inland friends, bring them in the house so we are reminded f the beach in the winter time (although we do many visits year round here on eastern long island)...

Eren San Pedro said...

We have jars and jars of shells...we use them for all sorts of things like sailor's valentines, wind chimes, jewelry, etc. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

christine ~ ourdayourjourney said...

we collected shells with holes last summer to make a mobile. sounds great for a baby too

boatbaby said...

Martha - everytime you comment I get chills b/c I think of my mom :) That was her name.

TulsiLeaf - go!

Chris in FL - thank you for dropping in! It's a sweet life, we truly love it.

Behan - your comment made me giggle. You all probably have such a fabulous, diverse collection at this point. Save them for proper display and pomp when you "go back."

mare - the bag is from Magic Cabin and was a gift to Zach a couple of years ago from a friend. We also have a lovely one hand made by a friend using the template from Soulemama's book.
I;ll bet your shells look lovely in the garden!

Hi Eren! I love the idea of having jars and jars of them around. I bet they look lovely just jarred up and displayed.

Christine - you always have wonderful ideas!

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