Thursday, January 27, 2011

cave boy

Dogs and little boys share a lot of common characteristics. But lately it's the caving instinct that my little pup is showing the most. Aside from the tangle of playsilk forts (or grown up traps depending on your point of view) that are popping up everywhere these days... the boy is creating all kinds of wee spaces to call his own.
Now for some perspective. Zach's cabin (bedroom) is roughly the size of a small walk in closet. There's not even enough room to do a downward dog yoga pose on the small patch of floor space. But he wants it smaller, cozier, more cave-like. So he's moving into his head (bathroom) which is roughly the size of a broom closet.
He's stocked the space up with all of the things a young man might need when striking out on his own. Emergency lighting, music, books, a collecting basket, chains of finger knit yard, and a suitcase full of random snacks and medical supplies and spare socks.
Poor little boat boy, all cooped up in such a small space. ;) Right.


The Ceol Mors said...

I love how Zach just happily inhabits where ever he is, makes himself at home and gets to imagining. :)

mb said...

he's so cool... i read "cave boy" and saw the jan brett and thought about "the first dog" which is a jan brett book. you probably already know that, as i find all our coolest books in your book nook (can i just say thank you, dear cindy, for buoy?! what an amazing book), but if not, i bet it would be up the cave boy's alley!

Anna said...

What kid doesn't love a small space filled with all sorts of goodies. Love his imagination and ingenuity.

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