Wednesday, January 19, 2011


He's not trying to talk my ear literally off my body. He's just six. (and just like me afterall)

He's not aware that he's dropping crumbs as he munches that croissant while walking across the carpet. He's just six. (and male)

It's not that he can't read, it's just that he doesn't want to perform when family or even perfect strangers put him on the spot to prove that he can. He's just six. (and shy... and not a trained seal)
He wasn't trying to foil my tidying up efforts by setting up a "museum" right after I cleaned up the book nook. He's just six. (and playful and creative)
He talks so loud. So LOUD. So very, excitedly, passionately loud in our wee little space. But he's six. (and excited and enthusiastic)

I try to explain that a french fries, hash browns, and mashed potatoes are essentailly the exact same things. But he doesn't believe me, because he's six afterall. (and knows what he likes)

He still wants to hold hands with me and anyone and everyone everywhere he walks. He is six. (and such a people person)

He is such a lapdog. A big six year old, long legged lap dog. (and always will be i think, just like his Tio)
He still skips everywhere we go. I will remember how sweet that is when he's no longer six. (and becomes self conscious)

He's on the cusp of believing and questioning. Imagining and reasoning. Fantasy and reality. He's oh so six.

How wonderful to figure things out as if they were happening for the very first time. How amazing to think you are the first person to discover that when you fart in the tub you get bubbles (and run dripping wet across the whole boat to announce it). How mind boggling to try to figure out this thing we call time. How sweet to truly believe in your heart that one day you WILL fly, just by thinking hard enough about it and drawing enough pictures of it happening.

And when I am having one of those days when I can only see the bread crumbs all over the place and wince at the volume and grumble at the food battles I try to remind myself that six years is still a very short time to get the hang of this whole being a human being thing. A sweet short time indeed.

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Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Still hearing my older sister’s voice as I longed for more maturity from my daughter, “But she’s Only six, mama.”

He’s such a love and so sweet to his sister; you are blessed to have him in your life.

Dana said...

Nice vignette of he who is six!
I, too, have a six year old who fits your description quite well.
Oh, six.

Lily Boot said...

Oh Cindy - soooo true! And guess what - it doesn't change no matter how many years you add ... you find yourself saying, "well, she does this or thinks that or believes this because she's 13!" And you're so right, the time passes and they grow another whole set of behaviours and beliefs and practices and they too become annoying on those days when you just long for everything to go smoothly. And yet - its such important growing :-) And six is such a beautiful age - especially the skipping bit. I love the skipping bit. At 13, a girl can still skip, especially when she sees her mum coming to pick her up and it just makes me rush hot all over and my eyes become watery. Lucky you having such a beautiful 6 year old.

Natasha said...

did that video that is floating around blogasphere inspire this wonderfully written post?
You hit the nail on the head,they really ARE just six,I forget it often and then kick myself when I go in to kiss their sleeping heads before resting my own weary head.I look at them and see just how young they really are.and I remind myself that in fifteen - twenty years,I will be longing to be stumbling over wooden blocks again or picking up books for the umpteenth time that day,just when we are in it we forget sometimes:0)

jim said...

OK, so hes six. Whats MY excuse?

boatbaby said...

Natasha - I don't know the video... post a link :)

bo- i have been wondering that about you :)

anushka said...

what a very sweet tribute. happy birthday to your sweet boatboy. ; )

boatbaby said...

How sweet Anushka, but it's not his birthday. Not until June. I am just trying to keep myself grounded in the here and now.

eidolons said...

Oh my. I have to remind myself of these very same things with my eight year old! (:

Enjoy that boy of yours!

DjRead said...

Love this post. your family is adorable!

Lori said...

Beautifully written and so true!

Charlotte said...

What a wonderful reminder to focus on the here and now. I'm still learning this (but I'm just 31!) :smile:

kim said... just made me feel a little more sweet and gentle about my 5.5 year old little guy ☺

Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful post! thank you so much for reminding me to appreciate all of the sweet things about my seven year old.

Your son sounds like such a wonderful joy! and imaginative like mine as well.

Jessica, Sacramento CA, US

chaos said...

what a great post!
I also have a six year old Zach. It is just the reminder I needed that yes, he is only six!
Come this Fall he will also become a boat kid!
Thanks for this great blog.
I have learned so much about having a kids on a boat. Of course we will have four little ones along for the journey.

Joy said...

Awww...that's so sweet and reminds me of my littles at six. :) What a great age!

Jaclyn B. said...

How utterly timely, C. I needed this. I needed this TODAY. Thank you. I read it earlier and it greatly improved our day. Love and hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Great post. It almost made me cry because I miss my six year old boys and girls who are now 'adults'.
Keep up the good work.

Christina said...

Thanks for the reminder that they are still so young ... I will have to reread the next time my 4-year-old is driving me bonkers!

gilli said...

What a wonderful post Cindy.

Laureen said...

Hey, tell Zach... he's not the only one who believes he can fly if he just focuses enough. There are grownups who think that too. And they may be onto something.

christine ~ ourdayourjourney said...

he sure is six. beautifully written!

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