Monday, March 28, 2011


Our dear friend and neighbor SuperJen has a new dog. His name is Buddy. 

Jen and I share a couple of heart wrenching things in common, one of which is having to put down a furry family member and explain it to our kids. We decided in our family that as much as our hearts ache for another dog, there is just no way we're willing to head out cruising with a dog again. Been there, done that. And while we don't have the proverbial t-shirt, we do have lots of sweet photos of our dearly departed salty mutt Schooner the wonder dog.

(Schooner "on watch")

(Schooner at Warderick Wells, Bahamas with our old boat Neshamah in the background)

("family portrait" circa 2002, Exumas)
 It was a blast at the time. But it was hard work. And it was before kids, and before a few more grains of common sense. We were in our 20's, what the hell did we know? A little wiser now and with the casting off date on the next year's calendar, we've held off on our many, many urges to get another dog. But thankfully SuperJen is holding down the land fort at World Headquarters (as we call her home) and snagged the opportunity to rescue this sweet, sweet piece of pup. Her sweet, sweet little daughter Alex is on could nine.

(can you dig it?)

And we're secretly doing the happy dance over here too. Now we get to love all over Buddy whenever we want. So if you see his little wet nose in a photo here and there you'll know what we have not broken down and become dog owners again. But we're sure glad to be dog neighbors again :)
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