Tuesday, March 22, 2011

root children rain check

In years past, to celebrate the first day of spring, I have surprised Zach by waking up early and hiding small goodies around the marina for him to find from the root children who are busy preparing the earth for the coming season.
This morning we had a thunderstorm. And I got about 2 hours of sleep thanks to a little girly who thinks it's fun to practice her Irish step dancing in the middle of the night while refusing to nurse (it's like she KNOWS it will put her to sleep, little stinker). And half of the little odds and ends I had tucked away for him I just couldn't remember where I'd put them especially with all of that stuff piled around the boat from painting. So we took a rain check on our root children hunt. And he was just fine and dandy with that, especially with a mouth full of equinox cookies (half black half white for the 12 hours of day and night. i'd give you the recipe but alas whole foods didn't print one on the package ;)
So I gave him the handful of surprises I did manage to unearth from the depths of my closet (flowering tea, an exploding frog bath bomb from this etsy shop, a beautiful egg from mamaroots, and some magic beans) and that was plenty. The sun came out, daddy played hookie from work, we spent the day on the beach and chatting with neighbors, and that was the best way to celebrate the vernal equinox. Since it's a day all about balance anyhow, this was the most balanced I've felt in a long time. Family time, no place to be, no schedules to keep, toes in the sand, friends all around. It was the perfect way to celebrate coming out of winter hibernation. And those root children can try again next year.
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