Monday, March 14, 2011

GIVEAWAY - Bee Natural Honeypot

They're back! Creighton of Bee Natural  was nice enough to offer up another honeypot giveaway! But I first want to tell you a little more about Creighton. He was cool enough to swing by the boat when he was in the area not long ago. We love having visitors, but visitors who bring old dead things for little boys to check out get extra bonus points.
Before becoming "the honeypot guy" Creighton worked with the Smithsonian doing marine mammals studies. He's still very involved in that field and likes nothing more than categorizing whale skulls.
Another cool thing about Bee Natural is that they are truly a family run business. His son helps collect the flowers that go into the honeypots and helps dad break up bulk beeswax to melt down. His wife presses flowers and keeps things humming along smoothly when Creighton is out swimming with the dolphins. Each honeypot is a handmade labor of love and a true family effort.
Finally, Creighton is just an all around nice guy and very generous. He carved this special honeypot just for our family which is in a permanent place of honor on the boat. One of the coolest things about carved ones is that they are shadow casters too.
Plus he's offering another generous giveaway. Leave a comment here for a chance at winning a large carved sky honeypot of your own like this one. Become a fan of Bee Natural on facebook for another entry.
Plus if you order any size honeypot from Bee Natural between now and the first day of spring (March 21, 2011) and enter in the code ZACH ABOARD in the comments section when you check out, Creighton will send you a FREE Mini Azelea Honeypot with your order.
Thank you BEE NATURAL & Creighton for helping us welcome spring!

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