Tuesday, September 13, 2011

11 months

How is it that my wee, brand new, little baby daughter is going to be a one year old in just a month? Slow down universe!
 She is a strong, determined person who is still all cheeks. She is an avid explorer and climber and loves nothing more than getting flipped around upside down and spun around. She's a flirt and a people-person who waves and says "hi" to every person whose gaze she catches, as well as to the wind, reflections, dogs, and airplanes.
The "Queen's Gaze" is still with her, often looking out on us commoners with a regal stare that catches everyone off guard. She's still not quite eating, but has agreed to bird seed sized tastes of this and that once in a blue moon. She crawls at the speed of light, falls all the time in the name of adventure, and thankfully almost never puts the little odds and ends her brother leaves around in her mouth.
She loves her books, her brother's cars, his stuffed dog, and playing with bottle caps. Every time she nurses she strokes her own hair, but first carefully removes her wee hair clip and hands it to me first. Nothing makes her light up like daddy and big brother. And by the way burps are hilarious.

My sweet baby girl.
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