Wednesday, September 07, 2011

the rest of that first day

Swinging through the treetops was all well and good, but there was more to our day. We ate lunch, ran some quick errands, dashed home, and cast off for a weekend of good friends and fair winds.
Yes, the beast was able to set sail. Unfottunately, we did not get a chace to out on that new rigging. Re-rigging a 44-foot sailboat is a monumental task. It's gonna take a while yet. But we got to shake out our new mainsail and fall in love all over again with how well our little home travels under sail.
(that dark thing you see on the bottom is our scary genoa. she is looking mighty tired next to our shiny new mainsail. we were joking all weekend that we could scrape the funk off the genny, ferment it in some tea, and sell it as the next new probiotic drink at Whole Foods.)

Thankfully this was the first time Naia wore her life jacket without any protests. She was all smiles, watching the waves and saying "Hi!" to every sea bird.

It was all part of a wonderful weekend anchored out and sailing around. A few days of the kind of schooling that requires kayak paddles and balls of yarn and sleeping bags and ice cream. And thankfully like minded friends to share it all with.

(finger knitting became the obsession aboard in between kayak exploration outings)

(drinking glug-glug by candlelight after the littles have gone to sleep)
Finding a tribe is such a powerful and warm fuzzy thing. Yes, another lesson of life learned this "first week of school." But alas, that's yet another story for another day.
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