Tuesday, September 06, 2011

first day, why not

I decided to declare last Friday our first day of school. Being more of an unschooly type we don't follow a traditional school year calendar. There is no stop and start to our schooling, we just live and learn. But it seems like the thing to do around this time of year whether you are in school or not. So I spontaneously declared a first day of 2nd grade as the day was actually happening. Wouldn't you want this to be your first day?

It was a day of friends and fun and forests. It was a day of stretching comfort zones, creating confidence, and building bonds. And more than anything it was just plain awesome! To me that's what kids his age should be learning, how to trust and try and try again and explore and amaze yourself with that you can do when you are given the freedom to do it. I was so proud of my boy who really pushed past all kinds of things, like always needing mama next to him (hard to do this kind of thing with a baby), being wary of heights, trying things again and again that don't always work out the first time... he did it all with flying colors.

If you are local, you must make a day to check this place out.

(what is my big brother DOING up there?)
Our first day wasn't just spent in the tree tops. Oh no. That was just the morning. Tomorrow we'll share our rest of the day.
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