Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's the time when we stuff ourselves with food and wear stretchy pants and officially start the hunker down for the season. Our thankful tree has been up for about a week now. Paper leaves from construction paper and water color paintings cut up sit out for anyone in the family to jot down what they are thankful for at any time and hang it on the branch.

Zach was so sweet to put "mom" on one, but his first leaf was "Beef" and then "Worms" and "Solar System". A boy has got to have his priorities.

I found myself writing "SUN" for my first leaf as our November grey has been taking over. But among other things I am thankful for you. Yes you! Thank you to my community here who takes the time to drop in, say hello, make comments, and reach out to connect every now and again. Thank you! I am going to sign out for the rest of the week (maybe dropping in for a "moment" Friday if I am not in a turkey coma) and I hope you do the same to enjoy this lovely, lingering fall season, and good food, and friends and family. 

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