Monday, November 21, 2011

ch-ch-ch-ch changes

The re-organizing bug bit the crew of Majestic this month. We have been thinking about our use of space and frankly how poorly we put certain areas of our boat to good use. Zach was the one who sparked this revolution by asking one night at dinner if he could have his own office. We chuckled at first, dear sweet boy! But then he laid out his plan. He said rip out the head (toilet) from his bathroom and put in a desk and so on and so on. Oh hey, that's a great idea!

We never "opened" the head in his wee little bathroom because if he started going in there it would just be one more toilet to clean. So he tromps down the hall to our head or uses the one on the "guest room" side in the port hull. So why the heck is it sitting there, doing nothing. The whole bathroom is sitting there doing nothing. Of course it becomes a place for the boy to toss his stuff when he is supposed to be cleaning his room (ahem) or he turn it into different spaces (like here), but it's still an undefined space with a big ugly toilet.

So this weekend we ripped out the toilet and tossed it in the dumpster. The plumbing remains intact yet hidden in case this space ever needs to be a bathroom again. We're working on leveling the floor (it dips down to accommodate a drain for a potential stand up shower from the extendable sink faucet), again the new floor (a painted piece of plywood) will be easily removable for a quick change back to bathroom if needed. The faucets for the sink will be removed and another piece of plywood in place there to create a shelf.
Zach is buzzing with ideas for storing his "office supplies" and how to set up his desk. I am buzzing with ideas of some surprise decorations to give the place some personality. (I am thinking a couple small prints like this, they are SO him!)

If anyone has any fun print suggestions... tell me in the comments!
So Zach's need for a space of his own lit my fire for that need too. We have a "work room"/ pantry area/ laundry dump. It's nothing short of a disaster. It's truly embarrassing. My sweet husband does not posses what one might call the tidy and organized gene. So the work room is his dumping place for stuff he doesn't want to put away at the moment (sorry honey, busted!) We talked about it and decided that using the cubbies spread throughout the boat that Zach and I squirrel our art and homeschool items in would be a better idea for his tool and such. The truth is, projects never happen IN the workroom. They explode all over the boat in the area that is getting worked on. So why bother with a work space?

I am taking over.

Oh the images in my head for this space keep me up at night. I am not sure what we can pull off but I see it as a creative work space for the kids and I. A place for sewing and messy art and organizing of school stuff and so on and so on. I still have to share the space with the pantry and laundry somehow, I mean this is still a boat after all. But with some fresh paint and a mama's touch I think we can get the place organized, useful, and maybe even nice looking. So with a deep breath I am presenting you with the before photo (cringe)
... and it may take a little time with the holidays and all but I am so very excited about the potential after pic... to be continued...
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