Thursday, November 03, 2011

hello gourd-geous

I admit it. I have a gourd problem. I can not get enough of them, the gnarlier and bumpier the better.

We bought a bunch for our Halloween party but I have to ask myself, even without the party would I still have gone gourd loco? Perhaps.

The little white ones went to our party guests. And we sent some other home with people so as not to sink the boat. And this year we were a little late in carving our traditional pumpkins, but Zach didn't seem to mind as long as he still gets to play with use the knife.

One note on carving gourds, they don't have the lovely soft flesh like pumpkins do. You need to use serious power tools to get through those "zombie pumpkins" (as we call the white/grey ones). They are rock hard.
But really I just love having them around to look at, and decorate with, and of course eventually gobble up.
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