Wednesday, December 05, 2012

lights in the hood

Our whole neighborhood is sparkling. It's just a few days from the annual Parade of Lights in town, a holiday light parade where boats are decked with elaborate light displays and parade around our town's waterways showing off their creative illuminations.  It looks like many boats right here on our creek are getting ready. Unfortunately, we'll be missing this year's show but it's been fun just seeing everyone here in the neighborhood get into the spirit.

We decided to deck some halls here too. Slowly. Tonight we strung our few strands of colorful 12-volt lights in the cockpit. The kids were practically jumping out of their skins with excitement. It's neat seeing Zach be able to really do some work and help in meaningful ways, while Naia takes the role of BabyZilla chewing, stomping, and trying to completely tangle herself in lights.

Now the cockpit is all lit up and ready for St. Nicholas and the rest of the holidays coming down the line.

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