Sunday, December 16, 2012

scrappy scarf

Feeling the need for a colorful, happy post right about now. So I thought I would share my latest sewing endeavor. I have become a scarf making monster. I love this project because (1) no patterns (2) only straight lines (3) the end result is useful and cute!

Basically all you need is about a 1/2 yard of fleece and some fabric scraps. I used this excellent tutorial and truly the hardest part was just deciding on the patterns and colors.

For Naia's scarf (above) I used an old cashmere sweater on the inside. Someone had passed it along to us a while back and I used the sleeves to make her longies when she was a babe and had the body just laying around waiting for a good project. Then I went through and picked out purple-ish scarps to match her winter jacket.

The other girlie one (above) is for a little friend of ours, and the manly looking one is for my husband. Zach was kind enough to be my model and help me lay out the fabrics too. It's obviously longer and I made it wider too. I really winged it with the measuring and cutting.

This is just one slice of the holiday making around here. I love seeing what everyone is working on this time of year, feel free to share your projects and links in the comments!

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