Tuesday, July 16, 2013

daily sizzle

I promise I won't complain about the heat when just a few posts ago I was moaning about how it was too chilly for late spring/ early summer...but... it's hot. Like 100+ all week hot.

We have some tried and true methods for staying cool in these conditions. First of all, we have air conditioning, so I can't complain. We paid a small fortune for a huge set up when we first moved on this boat when I was pregnant with Zach, and it's been good to us for 9 summers now (knock on fiberglass.) However we also have huge wrap around windows and 28 opening hatches on the boat that radiate heat.

So we go to the marina pool (oh SO grateful for that pool!)  We take advantage of the marina sprinkler system.

 And we hang a giant playsilk on the west side of the cockpit to block out the sun late in the day.

Naia did the same thing for her dolls, just in case they needed some shade.

Cold smoothies for breakfast... nice cold ice cream for a snack.

Which leads to cockpit bath time...

And we tend to shift our whole day so that we wake up later, siesta during the heat of the day, and stay up later so we can play in the cooler evening hours.

And we dream about fall.
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