Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3 Times Around The Sun

Rain and cold and wind could not dull the sunshine my sweet girl radiates. Her third birthday was a wet one, but lovely all the same.

The party was supposed to be a story book theme, as my girl LOVES her books. But the wet day made most of my ideas highly impractical. So we did a little of this and that and kept it simple.

All along when we would say, "Naia what do you want for your birthday?" She has consistently answered, "A chocolate cake and a yellow ukulele." Grandma and grandpa in Hawaii sent a yellow ukulele as requested and I bought a huge chocolate ganache cake.

 (little figure from thrift store and I sewed the mini bunting from an old storybook)

After getting sugared up and totally overstimulated by a steady flow of friends and guests (it was also boat show week here in town, and we have had a zillion cruising friends coming and going and staying the night each day for a couple of weeks now), and skipping her nap, she totally melted down around dinner time. And for some reason every time we sang Happy Birthday, she cried and cried.

My sweet girl, tears or smiles you light up our days and bring joy to our whole family. I adore you. Happy Birthday!

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