Thursday, October 10, 2013

sailing the furlough (part 2)

Well we emerged from the corn and decided to make our way to another favorite spot on the Chesapeake, St. Michaels. We visited earlier this summer by car to spend time at the maritime museum. This time around we were anchored just off the museum soaking in the beautiful sights and sounds... and the beautiful boats moving around us for the annual small crafts festival.

The water was so calm and inviting, and the weather so perfect... but there was not going to be any swimming from the boat this time. And here's why.

The Bay was thick with jellies everywhere we went. Stinging nettles are not to be messed with, they are a long tangling mass of ouch.

We walked around the sweet little town, had ice cream, played in the local parks, and of course took the kids to the Chesapeake Maritime Museum. We were floored when the museum announced they were letting furloughed federal employees and their families in for free. Sweet! That was a very awesome thing to do, and we won't forget it.

Naia loves the screwpile lighthouse there, she thinks it's a huge mansion and loves to roam the rooms. She also took an unusual shining to the manikins. "His name is Ted, but he's not talking to me."
"Honey, that's because he's pretend, like a big dolly."
"I know, but I love him."


 Our time away from the marina seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. Naia's cold went away. The cough I had for 8 weeks finally let up. While we are not overly scheduled people, it was a wonderful time completely unplugging, letting go of schedules, and just soaking it all in at the pace of the tide. We stopped to take in every sunset, pausing to give it due respect.

We stayed up to watch shooting stars, cuddle on deck and talk about constellations, and just absorb the night into our bones.

And we woke with the sun (very unusual for our late sleeping tribe) and welcomed the sun as it burst onto the eastern horizon.

I was so grateful we were able to cast off as soon as the government shut down was announced rather than sit around the radio or computer fretting and sweating over the political insanity all around us. It made us all appreciate what is real and what really matters in the end.

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