Sunday, October 06, 2013

sailing the furlough (part 1)

We got the furlough notice and a few hours later cast off. If we're going to have no pay check and loads of free time, may as well make the best of it, right?

Our friends Matt and Jen cruised into town on their way south on their catamaran with their two little boys (check out their blog at S/V Perry) and they headed out with us to follow the wind. Just one problem. There was no wind. Not a breath.

We set our sights on Granary Creek, a nestled little spot right along the banks of the Wye Island Wildlife Refuge. We took the kids on a long hike on what ended up to be a trail that went through corn and soybean fields. It was novel, at first, but then it began to feel like a creepy start to a horror movie. Two families, wandering through the corn, for hours and hours...

It was a real life corn maze.

Naia was a trooper considering the unseasonably hot weather and long walk with no shade. The highlight was when we finally found our way out of the corn on to a wooded road and the kids discovered a puddle full of frogs!

Next time, I think we'll stick to the forest trails. We're so happy to be back in prime sailing season around here. More to come...!

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