Tuesday, April 22, 2014

back out where we belong

We are not inside people. I know there are articles on nature deficit disorder and getting kids outside more and all that. For our family, this is the time of year we have to drag the kids inside. Yes you must eat at some point (though that often happens outside too.) You need to clean your room once in a while. And heaven forbid you need to come in and sleep.

This is the start of the long stretch of going back to a mostly outside life. This is the sweet spot. It's a downhill run from here to December 1.

It means lots of swinging.

And hoopin' (a fabulous way to tire them out before bed!)...

(Naia can't quite grasp the spinning motion, so she mostly throws it up in the air and tries not to get hit in the head by her own throw, or chases people around with it like a crazed warrior.)

(Or a little hoop yoga...)

And digging, and running, and riding, and walking, and collecting, and rolling, and fishing, and catching, and climbing, and pretending, and all that good stuff... outside!

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