Monday, May 05, 2014

... bring May flowers

There was a whole lot of wet stuff falling from the skies last week. I am grateful our home floats, because other parts of our area were quite underwater for a couple of days. Once the sun came out again though, well, who could resist?

We were invited to a traditional May Day celebration at a friend's house, so after a quick sponge down and change of clothes it was all flowers and ribbons and sunshine.

(Photo lovingly swiped from Cindy Edwards/ Harmonious Kids)

When we got back to the marina Zach and the neighbor girls made May Day flower cones for our dock neighbors. It was a random act of kindness kind of thing, but one neighbor said thank you to the kids with fresh baked chocolate cupcakes the next day, so I think this may become a habit.

And of course Naia couldn't resist once again a little mud action...

Wishing everyone a Happy May!

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