Friday, November 21, 2014

nothing gold can stay

The leaves dazzled, fell, and now lay in a crunchy carpet all around. Naia keeps asking, "Am I still 4 years old mama even though it's not October anymore?" What an all at once freeing and frustrating feeling it must be to have zero concept of time or age.

We managed to rake up the piles of leaves from under the oak tree before the marina landscapers got to them, which meant the kids could rake and jump and throw to their heart's content.

Now the wind has kicked in, the temperatures have plunged, and the amber glow is laying in heaps beneath stark naked trees. The shrink wrap company is scheduled for this week. We're just a turkey dinner away from the start of winter. I am making my annual promise to myself to face the dark season with a brave heart and positive attitude.

And I am holding tight to the last bits of gold.

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