Monday, December 01, 2014

tucked in

There are all kinds of changes happening around the marina and on the boat. The marina moved us to a new slip. Maybe for the winter. Maybe forever. Maybe, not sure, we'll see. It's actually our old slip that we had a long time back. And then we were moved, and now who knows. We've been loving the new view, the wide open.

Of course it comes with more rocking and rolling in a blow. And a longer walk down a now often icy in the morning dock. I am hoping there will be less ice and snow this year.

On the boat we're ready for the weather because the shrink wrapping is done. We did it a little early this year for various reasons, but now we're all tucked in and protected from the cold wind and whatever else comes our way.

The kids are already enjoying the extra little solar cave the "bubble" provides. It's a warm, quiet place to just hang out and re-charge. I wish I could lay in there in the quiet too.

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