Saturday, November 01, 2014

Pippi and Sherlock

A long time ago we used to throw Halloween parties. Big, joyful gatherings for the kids to go wild and savor this holiday that is so purely for little people.  And then I had an October baby. 

So now I am just grateful that other people love Halloween as much as I do, so that the kids can enjoy this time without me having to exert any effort.

We carved the flock of pumpkins that landed on our boat. Zach lined them up along the dock so that they could be on display for anyone strolling by.

Zach decided to be classic Sherlock Holmes this year and Naia wanted to be Pippi Longstocking. 

(Sherlock dropped his pipe overboard.)

And when the big night came, we had more than the usual amount of kids boat trick-or-treating. Aside from the neighborhood kids, there were some passing through kid boats and some land based friends of boat kids who joined in making it a mighty herd stomping up the docks. 

Zach was blissed out with his friends collecting sweets and treats. Naia was... overwhelmed. "Too many big kids!", she declared. "And nobody is following the rules! They can't run on the dock." It was just too much for her. 

And she was under the weather to start with, so she only lasted about 20 minutes. My girl who has a huge sweet tooth suddenly had no interest in candy and chocolate, she just wanted to come home, have a mama made pumpkin chocolate chip muffin and cuddle.

It was a happy Halloween.

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