Tuesday, December 16, 2014

neighborhood shuffle

So.... there's been a lot happening around here. Maybe too much. I am just moving forward one day, no actually one hour at a time.

The most obvious ordeal is that they are ripping up and rebuilding some of the docks at our marina. And of course it's the 2 docks where all of the liveaboards are, so some temporary changes had to be made. All of the neighborhood boats were relocated into random slips around the marina, and we were moved to the end all alone except for one other liveaboard. Well, not all alone because we have the construction crew chugging in on tug boat and barge each morning a mere inches from our boat. They pass precariously close, like high five and Grey Poupon close.

But there is no better free entertainment in the winter time than a marine construction project. A huge digger on a barge pushed in by a scrappy wee tug boat pulling up muck from the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay and plucking pilings is just about the coolest thing ever. Not to mention the extra lumber to play on.

The kids love it so very much. Not only are they constantly running to wave hi to the crew as they work each day, after one particularly stirring bottom dredging session the kids burst into applause, cheering and yelling, "Encore, encore!"

It's sort of weird to have this big empty space along the dock, no boats, no finger piers, it's beautiful and disorienting all at once.

Without getting into specifics here, I am juggling about a thousand balls in the air right now. Things may slow to a molasses drip here in BlogLandia, but I will check in when I can and catch up on the flip side with all kinds of crazy updates.

And you can keep up here and there on Facebook. Yep, I finally created a page... https://www.facebook.com/zachaboard

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