Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tinsel and Sunshine

There were lots of gifts under the wee little tree. Aunties and uncles and grandparents from all corners of the globe generously sent packages for the kids, plus things from mom and dad of course. And neighbors brought by gifts as well. And I began to worry that it might all be too much. Not just literally too much, as in where the heck will we put these things... but too much as in overwhelming for these little people who are used to being fairly minimalist compared most American households.

And I was right. As I sit here tonight, there are still many unopened packages under the wee little tree. And that's ok. I will tuck them away for another time. They were both so happy with the first 1 or 2 things they opened they sort of self regulated from there. After a special breakfast and cleaning up a bit we got what this mama considers to be the best gift of all... sunshine! After two solid days of fog and heavy rains, it was soooooo good to feel the sun, even if only for a couple of hours

Zach said, "Let's go to the beach! So we did. No new toys were brought along. Just a strand of tinsel garland, the wind, and sunshine was all they needed to make things merry and bright.

They seemed so much lighter, and more joyful out on the beach with nothing, than back on the boat surrounded by everything. Because the nothing truly is everything that's important... freedom, fresh air, family.

Walking back Naia held my hand extra tight. "Mama I love you. And you are my family! And ZZ and dada are my family too. I love having a family!"

You can't wrap that up.

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