Sunday, April 05, 2015

Cover Kid

I always feel weird saying, look at me, check out what I did, look at what I wrote, memememe! You won't find selfies and hashtags. Nope. But this one little thing is just too good not to share. It's my sweet kiddo on the cover of Spinsheet Magazine! It's a shot I took last summer.

It was a surprise to both of us. I've been writing for Spinsheet for many years now, and I handed in my story and photos as always last month. I also tend to give them loads of extra photos, just in case they need a generic shot of happy sailing for something or other. The kids like to check the magazine each month and see if they can spot mommy's pictures or better yet spot themselves, depending on what I wrote about.  When I saw this cover shot online I gasped, I had no idea they were going to use the photo for the cover.

I knew Zach would be thrilled! I decided not to tell him, just let him discover it. He was walking to the fuel dock at the marina to get me some quarters for laundry, and the man delivering the magazines to the marina was just walking up and spotted him. "Hey are you the kid on the cover of Spinsheet this month?" Zach told me he just smiled casually and said, "Probably." Ha! He got a copy and came running home with it.

I was joking with a friend about how his legs are covered in mud in this photo (I guess we anchored somewhere funky that day?) And how raggedy and old our genoa is as well. Sigh. But our trusty Mantus Anchor looks sweet up there on the bow. And nothing beats his beautiful smile!

The funny thing is, this is his second cover for Spinsheet. This was the July 2011 cover, though the photo is PN, pre-Naia.

It's going to be a fun month for him being a little local celebrity.

That's it for now. I added some little icons over to the right to connect to the Facebook Page and Instagram. Sorry, no Twitter. I just have no desire to spend that much time plugged in.

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