Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Two and a half years ago we dog sat for a friend. It was a fun week of playing dog owner, and we fell in love with the pooch. Ever since then, I persistently teased these friends about kidnapping the dog. Every time they would post a photo of him on Facebook or text me something about him, I'd say, "Hey, that's MY dog!"

And then they called me this winter and said, do you want him? I told them that it wasn't nice to tease. But they were serious. For various reasons it was decided that he needed a new family where he could be the only pet, and we jumped at the chance. So about a week ago we officially took ownership of 5 year old rat terrier Choo Choo. We joked that it was a good thing he came with a name, otherwise he may have ended up as Bilbo Longstocking.

He's just about the sweetest, easiest dog... ever. He's already trained, house broken, kid proofed, and all he needed was a lot of love. No problem! Zach is old enough now that he completely takes care of walking and food, and when we're not playing or cuddling him, he just likes to find a sunny corner to nap in. Very cat like. But in a dog sort of way.

He's tiny and agile. Hopefully he'll do ok when we're underway, we'll make a few safety adjustments on board the boat to keep him safe and happy. We're totally giddy and in love with the new little member of our crew.

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