Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Blues

~blue sun hat salvaged from family storage space... my big brother wore it when he was 5 years old~

~giant, sweet blueberries ripe for the picking~

~blue, fresh water of Lake Michigan stretching out forever (and more blueberries! Did you know if you eat enough blueberries you'll... oh forget it, too gross!)~

~vintage blue school chalk board from a funky, country roadside antique shop. (If I lived in a house, I would have taken it home)~

~bright blue shorts from MiniBoden that always make me smile~

~blue bottled Tabor Hill Traminette wine grown and aged on the shores of Lake Michigan (it's a fabulous, under appreciated wine region)~

~singing the blues about the fact that my old car SilverJack decided this road trip was her swan song and we had to buy another car on the way home~

~Z & Miss T playing with my favorite handmade blue quilt. (One of my best friends spent 3 years in Ghana for Peace Corps. Knowing my favorite color, he picked up scraps from the dress factory he passed while walking to and from the school he taught in each day. When he had enough scraps, he asked a local lady to sew this quilt for me with local flour sacks as the backing) ~

~bidding goodbye to a blue sky day eating the last of the fresh blueberries on the blue quilt reading blueberry books (Blueberries For Sal & Peter In Blueberry Land & The Blueberry Pie Elf illustrated by a far related cousin)~


Kate said...

Oh, what good blue days you have been having!

Love that despite living on the water, coming home to the lake is still such a thrill to you. Also love that you get to experience all that joy of discovering this freshwater heaven all over again through your son's eyes. And oh, that vintage chalkboard....I am a bit envious of your smart necessity in the "minimal stuff" rule-- I have a whole attic full of stuff like that lovely chalkboard just waiting for the right spot (or as my husband says, the garage sale I really, really need to have;)).

BTW, we have not yet seen Morning Light, although a friend of my husband's who lives nearby was one of the sailing coaches for the boat. We'll actually be watching it in two weeks at a fundraiser for Noah's sailing school-- and we can't wait:)...Right now, I'm just trying to concentrate on ignoring my son's constant reminders that his sailing buddy (who is 15) is about to embark on his fourth Chicago-Mackinac race-- his hidden meaning of course is that he'll be 11 next year:)

Joy said...

Those are 2 of our favorite books this season as well. I even made a flat felted scene of a blueberry tree so I need to get busy on Peter and Sal now! I love how the wine glasses match the bottle and that your little boy is wearing his uncle's old hat. Sweet stuff.

waldorfmama said...

love all your great photos! somehow i just *knew* blue was your favorite color. ;-)

Anonymous said...

How Bluetiful! (couldn't help myself.)
I love blueberries, but have never picked my own. Looks wonderful!

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

I love colors! And I love this post tied together by BLUE! Awesome! Makes me want to steal the idea someday. lol

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