Monday, July 27, 2009

Story Time

They're back.

Of course they come for the food. I mean who are we kidding right? My son can literally call them and they come swimming over looking for some crumbled morsels of organic crackers or spelt bread (that's why I buy healthy food right, for the ducks?)

But here in our new slip, they're coming in larger and larger groups. They're coming even when we don't call them. They're coming even when we don't feed them. And they're just sort of... hanging out.

It started one evening around 7pm when Zach and I were out on deck reading stories. As I read the book Come Play With Me, they started coming around the boat. Well that was it. In a moment of kid karma Zach decided they came for story. It was just so logical to him.

So now when they come around in the evening, Z insists that we read to them.

Here they are (ahem) listening intently to the salty tales from Sea Stories: A Classic Illustrated Edition.
And Zach even asked dad to show them the pictures.

If we could read little duck minds and put their thoughts into cartoon balloons, I think it would say something like, "I much prefer Hemingway myself, but this will do." Or more realistically, "Where are the freaking crackers kid?"


Cam said...

Or maybe, "Did you SEE those illustrations, Myrtle? I found them to be a simply stunning display of color and texture!"


FrontierDreams said...

oh my goodness that is the sweetest and funniest thing ever!!!
those lucky ducks!

Kimberly said...

Too cute! Have you tried "Make Way for Ducklings" or do you think they would consider that too patronizing?

Masasa said...

LOL, Kimberly, on _Make Way For Ducklings_ being too patronizing.

I think Zach making sure these ducks get story is the cutest thing I've ever heard!

Joy said...

I just loved reading this post. How sweet! :) Thanks for sharing with us!

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...


Very sweet. This is the kind of story you'll need to tell his future fiance some day.

gardenmama said...

so adorable!
and I had quite a laugh on your where are the crackers comment! : )

waldorfmama said...

this is too sweet!

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