Wednesday, July 06, 2011

good things

Pardon my French but our weekend was crappy. Just plain poopy. There was a tragic death of a dear doggie-friend that sent Zach reeling. There was a birth of a beautiful boy that was sabotaged by the "system" and sent the mama into a tailspin. And there was me in the middle of it all trying to make things right that I truly had zero control over. This weekend I was doula, milk donor, boy soother, baby bouncer, and somewhere in there we also welcomed a video crew on to our boat for a whilrwind interview. Rather than grapple with the things that zipped out of my control, I thought I would take a moment to focus on the things I have a happy handle on...

::Zach putting his own personality into his bedroom (he's obsessed with Horatio Nelson)::

::The way he constantly declares himself a "thousandaire" in several countries::

::getting some creative time with my boy here and there::

::fresh air induced naps::

::sleeping totem of children::

(I am also messing for formats on the blog, which a big joke for a computer challenged person like me. Please be patient as things shift until they fall into place.)
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