Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP - the floors

Our floors are embarrassing. The carpet that came with the boat have been through an aging dog and a potty training boy and everything in between. Not to mention that carpet on a boat is just wrong and gross. And the delaminating faux teak and holly in the rest of the boat is splintering and peeling and also just gross. We've tossed down throw rugs and replaced pieces of carpet in the cabins and steam cleaned and nothing seems to make it better. It's an especially sore point now since we have a family member who spends most of her time on this gross floor. But we've hesitated ti replace it partly because of the cost to do so and partly because we have hemmed and hawed about what to replace it with and can't really decide.
But then the other day I hit my breaking point with these floors. Naia was napping, I handed Zach some sharp tools and said, "Let's get this floor out of here." And we did. Or we are. It's a true work in progress.
We have been ripping up the laminate in the galley and the carpet in the work room and guest cabin are out. We ordered one box of a flooring we really like called Plynyl. It seems to be the perfect mix of nice looking, low maintenance, and boat friendly as an easy to install vinyle weave. It's just really expensive. So we found a place online selling it really cheap, and we ordered one box to try it out, and we love it, and we went back to order more... only to find out that was their close out sale. They won't be carrying it any more :(
(two samples of Plynyl flooring)
So we have a half ripped out floor, half the amount of flooring we need to replace it. If anyone has any awesome boat flooring ideas... we're all ears. :)
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