Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i'm gonna eat that baby

Forget chocolate and fruit cake. I get to have my fill of yummy baby parts this holiday season. Why are their shoulder so juicy and their chins so delicious? What is it about those dents in their fingers and the rolls on their wrists? Oh so many sweet rolls.

Those long thick eyelashes are like sprinkles on top of her cheek cupcakes.

And that hair! Oh how I will miss that hair when it decides to lay down. Right now it's a non-stop party on top of that wee head. She pops up in the morning and this site fills me with joy.
And the best part are the squeals of laughter. It's that pure, unabridged, fresh from the baby tree laughter that fills my heart every time I take a nibble on that little sack of sugar. Seriously, who needs holiday candy when you have all that?
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