Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh what a busy day

Oh my, 16 months! The time is sneaking up on me and I can hardly believe she is nearly a year and a half now. A friend of mine has a horoscope book that breaks down personality description by the date of your birth, day by day for every day of the year. She and I have some silly good times reading through that book while the children play. We looked up Naia's day for the first time (Oct 13) and the title was "Day of the Tough Cookie". Oh yes ma'am. That describes her to a tee.

Here's a little glimpse into a typical day for this tough cookie...

:: first thing in the morning, the very first words out of her mouth every morning... "Where's Zach?" And after a quick diaper change she goes charging to his room to pound on the door and get him out to see her::

:: in the spirit of copying everything her brother does, she now requests "read book" at breakfast time::

:: we are thrilled that she asks to use the potty almost every morning - the sooner she gets out of diapers the better for me::

:: then the quiet independent play... time for mama to "get stuff done"::

:: and a dance break with big brother ::

:: time to make lunch... zach is usually off reading or playing and my little sous chef sits on the counter in our sliver of a galley and munches and chatters ::

:: and of course the favorite time of day for all of us... a walk to the beach. she's starting to figure out that if you throw bread the birds go crazy ::

:: oh what a busy day ::

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