Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cousin love

My middle brother's first child is exactly 3 weeks older than Zach. In other words, they are first cousins and exactly the same age. Truly, on paper, the boys have precisely nothing in common. They don't have the same pastimes, they don't read the same books, they don't even really like the same movies. They live such different lives it's almost like country mouse, city mouse. But they adore each other.

These two little buddies pal around like happy puppy dogs, wrestling and joking and planning and playing until the stars are up and snoring is the last sound we hear.

So much boy cousin buddy time that a certain little someone began to feel a tad left out. There was a whole lot of, "Hey wait for me!"

Listening in I hear them whisper about being best friends, and giggle about the things that make 10 year old boys giggle, and it seems so easy and safe and wonderful. I wish they had more than once a year, sometimes not even that, to spend time together. But I am grateful they always seem to pick right up where they left off.

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