Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Anatomy of a Clubhouse

Scout out the perfect empty section of the dinghy racks at the marina and use your sweetest 4-year old manners to explain your plan to the Dock Master and ask permission to take over that section of the racks.

Permission granted. Start planning.

Measure carefully. As carefully as a 4 year old with limited grasp of numbers can.

Zach's favorite part... paint the official sign.

He found an old life ring washed up and decided it would be "just perfect" for a bayside club.

Next walk over to the canvas shop and ask for scraps.
They were so sweet and gave Zach some huge pieces of Sunbrella for the roof of the club. Another marina neighbor offered her sewing machine and skills to seam the roof together (and we got dinner with the sewing services too, not bad!)
Finally Zach helped me install some snaps (with the help of yet another marina neighbor who brought over the piling stump to use as a hammering surface when he saw us struggling to hammer on the grass.)

Our sweet little friend Maia was visiting from Vancouver and with her highly trained circus skills she scaled the top of the clubhouse frame and installed the screw ends of the snaps.

And VOILA! With old sheets from the boat and lots of odds and ends from around the marina, the Dolphin Clubhouse is now open.

And inside peek after the kids made themselves at home.

Nice view eh?


Masasa said...

This brings up such great memories from my childhood. I can't imagine my kids doing stuff like this...but they're still only three, so maybe with time. They do enjoy it when dw throws blankets over the chairs to make them a fort, but that was mommy initiated ;-).

Frank said...

Too fabulous! I love it.

Tan Family said...

I love your kid's clubhouse! You have a wonderful blog.

Siayla said...

Amazing little story :) I really love your blog!

boatbaby said...

Thank you for the kind words!

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND said...

How adorable! I want to live there :)

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