Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Light

We have been loving Cynthia Rylant's sweet book series The Lighthouse Family in our spring book basket lately. Zach can't get enough of it. And now he's all about lighthouses.

We have our local lighthouse that we've sailed to many times for photo ops or just on the way from here to there.

But what we love are those quiet, foggy mornings when we're having our tea and coco with the hatches open and we can hear the lighthouse. The low, steady moan that carries across the Bay. He listens breathlessly for 30 seconds and his eyes brighten as the foghorn calls to him.

Finally he got his chance to answer the call. He ran full speed ahead to the base of Drum Point Lighthouse at the Calvert Marine Museum, a screwpile lighthouse exactly like our local one.

He loved exploring the rooms ("It's SO big!" spoken as only a little boy raised on a boat could).

And he talked about all the boats he would save by tending the light through a storm, just like Seabold and Pandora in the stories.

All I could think is that Z is my light. He keeps me going in a storm. Seeing him explore and discover and create brightens my darkest moments. He's so little and yet he manages to keep me on track, steer me straight and true, and light up our lives.


Busy Mama said...

Ok - this momma/librarian is LOVING your blog!! Now - I only wish we could read about lighthouses AND go see them! SIGH


Anonymous said...

ahhh so great to see the imaginary friends loving the boat and books with Zach!

we would love to take the boys to a lighthouse and ocean someday- living in the middle of the middle gives us a strong desire to see water . . .water . . .water!

boatbaby said...

Thank you so much!

Mamaroots you and your boys are welcome to come sail with us any time! I have the feeling our little guys would get along well.

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